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Get to know us


What Happens in the Woods Podcast is run by the dynamic duo, Jess and Brice.

We’re just your average couple, living normal lives, who happen to be obsessed with everything related to true crime. Shortly after relocating to the great Pacific Northwest, we realized there were stories upon gruesome stories to be told from this region. And we want nothing more than to share them with you.


Since our first episode on The Green River Killer in February of 2020, it has been an incredible journey for our little indie podcast. We’ve covered notorious serial killers, strange cyanide poisonings, and even old-time kidnappings. What Happens in the Woods has recorded over 50 episodes and has gained listeners from all around the world. From our regular season to our WTF Wednesday segments, we hope to provide true crime lovers with cases that they may not have heard of. Join us during our regular seasons on every first and third Friday of the month as we take a deep look into the dark and twisted. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but we promise it will be worth it.


And remember...STAY OUT OF THE WOODS!

Camp Fire

Gather 'Round the  Campfire


Season )%

Episode )%

Welcome back to WTF Wednesday!
This week we bring you all of the Florida Fuckery!
There is only one more episode before we sign off on this season.
Make sure you don't miss out on any of our episodes.
Let us know if you have any suggestions for next season.

Thanks, everyone!

Nothin better to do on a Saturday evening
Didn't know you could do this in the library

You can't prove I stole that shirt!

How did you not know?

Cass's fun fact

911 isn't in the business of providing rides to Hooters?

Just open the door!

Steve Wozniak (Apple) LITERALLY Prints His Own Money | Wild Ride! Clips YouTube

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